Personalized T-Shirts With No Minimum Order

t-shirtHave a special occasion coming up? Family reunion? 50th wedding anniversary? Class reunion? Band fundraiser? Wedding? Special birthday? No matter what you’re planning, adding printed t-shirts to your celebration or activity brings a special touch to the day.

Custom printed t-shirts are an eye catching and attractive way to promote your activity. They provide participants with a very special reminder of the day or cause. There have been many party planners who have avoided ordering personalized t-shirts because they were afraid of having to order many more than they needed. By using a vendor who does not require a minimum order, you can create a very special look for your group without breaking the bank. You order and pay for only the number of t-shirts you need.

So, if you’re doing a Sweet Sixteen birthday party and only need a few t-shirts, you only order and pay for what you need. The process of designing and ordering custom t-shirts is simple.

First, decide what kind of design you’d like. Do you have something specific in mind that you want on your shirt? If you’re stuck for ideas, contact one of our designers and they’ll help you navigate your way through all of the options available. You’ll be able to choose between logos and designs that are in stock or you can use your own original artwork or photographs. Once you’ve made a design decision, your next decision is what name, title or numbers you want imprinted on your t-shirts.

Now you’re ready for the hard part – deciding on a shirt style. Long or short sleeved T-shirts or polo shirts are usually the best candidates for a custom t-shirt. Using computer generated software on a custom shirt site, you can print a sample of what your shirt will look like.

Once you’ve decided on a design, have a picture of what it will look like and have checked it to make sure it is what you want for your group, you can order the number of shirts you need. So, with no minimum order you can be as creative as you’d like. If you’re having a family reunion, for example, you could color code each generation.

One hint – have at least two people check your t-shirts for spelling and accuracy. You want your t-shirts to be memorable because of the day, not because you misspelled someone’s name.

Once your order is placed, you have only to wait until your custom t-shirts are delivered.

Lillie Gonzalez