Commercial janitorial cleaning services

These services are generally hired on contract basis and their services are in top demand. Before the janitorial service company can start to keep the workplace clean, they will make a contract and sent it to the future business to sign if they agree with the situations and terms. To help ensure that the contract is favorite to the future business but does not cause a money loss to the cleaning services it has to be well drafted. There are few vital to consider before drafting the contract. Most contractors are for a month so you need to consider a month’s value expenses when you draft the contract.

Cost of labor

This is a vital consideration because janitorial services generally consist of several employees that will do the job and have to be paid for their job. You will need to consider how many workers will perform the work, how many hours will job cleaning the business, and how many days a week they will clean the business. 

Equipment and supplies

You also need to consider any tool, cleaning tools and products that you will use on the work. You also need to consider if you have to rent any unique equipment for your new customer, how long you will need to rent it, and the cost. For the supplies you need to have a guess of how much supplies would cost for the work of a month. Be sure to login to

Transportation fees

If the workers drive a company car or van you need to consider the miles driven round trip and the cost of the gas as this is a costly your janitorial service will have to pay for.

After you have all of these calculated you are ready to draft your contract of janitorial service. Further to this above costs, you also need to mention the following.

Service offered

On the contract of janitorial service, you need to list the services that you will provide and how frequently you will provide these services. Such as, will your cleaning services dirt free the business every night, will they just clean the business a certain number of nights, if there are unique jobs that are done once a month, etc.

On the contract, you should also mention cost of labor, which you should just list how much it will cost each month but not what each worker is paid.

Lillie Gonzalez